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The World of Warcraft guild The Ruin from Laughing Skull PvP (EU)
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 Our rules!

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PostSubject: Our rules!   Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:53 pm

This is our rules:

General rules:

Never ninja in a (PUG) Pick Up Group
If your going on vacation then inform your Classleader about it. If his not online then mail him/her.
Keep it english in the Guild Chat.
If you need items from heroics then you should farm heroics. If you dont there is a chance for Guild Kick.

Raiding rules:
Atleast atempt 2 raid per week. (it counts if you are online but didn't get an invite)
Don't link the damage meter while we are giving out loot.
Don't scream on the Ventrilo.
Keep it english in the Raid Chat.
Keep it english in the Ventrilo.

Things to think of:

Try to be helpful.
Dont be cocky to others.

Things that can happen if you break the rules:

No raids for some weeks.
No loots in raids.
Kicked out of the guild.
Muted in the Guild Chat.

More rules may come!
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Our rules!
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