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The World of Warcraft guild The Ruin from Laughing Skull PvP (EU)
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 Aplication Prot warrior

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PostSubject: Aplication Prot warrior   Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:34 pm

Name: Philip Berg

Age: 17

From: Sweden

About yourself(What do you do outside WoW): Party with friends and stuffs.

Ingame nick: Demerion

Class: Warrior

Specc and why: Protection Tank, Cause I have always liked to be a tank. But I most say i like being Oftank more then main tank.


Proffesions: Blacksmith and Mining

What do you think the strengths and waknesses of your class/specc are: I think im kinda good at oftanking but i am not good at maintanking so dont expect me to main tank, But im always up for oftanking.

Are you a clicker: No

Do you use all consumables in every raid(Flask, wellfed): If i have I use ofc

Time /played: On Demerion: 11 days totaly and i have played 3 years with the acc.

What are your general playtimes?(When are you usually online): Always online on Fridays Saturday and Sundays. Sometimes on tuesdays and tursdays.

Raiding experience(Please be specific): I am not so pro at raiding but i have done naxx 10man and Osbisian sanctum 10 man.

Reason for wanting to join The Ruin: Wanna join a guild that raids Naxx alot.

Why should we recruit you: Cause I am always up for raids and i can oftank

Good computer / Stable connection / Ventrilo: Yes

We raid from 18:15 to 22:45 all these days below, fill in if you can attend or not:

Tuesday: Yes
Wednesday: No
Thursday: Yes
Sunday: Yes
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PostSubject: Re: Aplication Prot warrior   Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:54 pm

we are an guild that raid mostly ulduar hc, you still need ALOT of items from heroics,nax10,nax hc, so your gear is realy bad for us.
actualy we do nax25 runs once a week yust because there are some members that maybe still need some items fro mthere (well maybe...) so we are not rly an naxx raiding guild.

we are actualy full on tanks, have 6tanks that are active, actualy almost every raid we have atleast 4tanks online.


druid cl
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Aplication Prot warrior
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